My Teaching Philosophy

Everyone these days has heard the quote,
“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” (George Bernard Shaw; Man and Superman)

Well here’s a quote which I think is much more accurate:
“Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.”
Accredited to Aristotle

It is one thing to have a natural talent for performing, but quite another to be able to pass on those skills. A person who has won competitions, auditions and jobs, may not necessarily be the best teacher. A great teacher may be creative, communicative, able to adapt, organized, dedicated, patient, understanding, passionate, a chameleon…the list may be endless. For me, teaching is one of the worthiest professions. A teacher has the power to shape someone’s life through education, encouragement and inspiration. Whatever the student may aspire to, it is my responsibility as their teacher to help them achieve that goal.

I want to instil a passion for music into each student I meet, whether it’s for one lesson, one year or for the length of their education. I teach students to open their ears and listen to the world around them. I give them opportunities to perform, and a chance to collaborate with other musicians. I care about each student, and strive for their enjoyment both as a musician and as an individual.

Over my fourteen years of teaching experience, I have worked with students of all ages including young children, teenagers and adults. Each person represents a new challenge, new techniques and repertoire to explore. No two students are identical, and I tailor each lesson to their individual needs. I am happy to work with beginners, intermediate and advanced students, and believe that no student is unteachable. If they want to learn, I will teach them.

Whether in a workshop, a private lesson or a master-class, my goal is to impart some knowledge to each student. It may about technique, style, phrasing, sound, programming, stage presence, practice techniques or even just about aspects of life; but I hope that the information they gain will be treasured, savoured and shared as they grow and develop.

I am currently available to teach in the Orpington or North London area, as well as at St Michael’s Prep School.

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