Sample Programmes

Gwenllian enjoys creating new programmes specifically for special events, such as Welsh concerts, Children’s concerts or a festival with a distinctive theme. Here are some examples to inspire you:

Fantasia – 1 hour concert

Track through the desert, be awakened by the haunting song of the lark and attempt to escape the unrelenting thud of a beating heart in an evening of exhilarating music with Gwenllian Llŷr.

Erddigan G. Glyn
The Lark M. Glinka/M. Balakirev
Danse des Lutins H. Renie
Santa Fe Suite W. Mathias
Le Jardin Mouille J. de la Presle
Zitti from the Barber of Seville by Rossini N. C. Bochsa
Elegie B. Andres
Ballade Fantastique on the ‘Tell-tale Heart’ by Poe H. Renie

Night Flight – 45 minute concert

Experience the power of nature through the strings of the harp, with music on both the lever and pedal harps enchanting your path.

Petite Suite
– Prelude
– Nocturne
– Fire Dance
D. Watkins
Rêverie C. Debussy
Night Stalker G. Llŷr
Flying with the Birds S. Rothstein
Around the Clock Suite
– Ten Past Two
– Beige Nocturne
– Harpicide at Midnight
– The Morning After
P. Chertok
Strawberry Moon G. Llŷr
Au Matin M. Grandjany

Hiraeth – 2 x 35 minutes

A sumptuous programme that reflects the adventures Gwenllian has had with her harp across the world; from Swansea to Paris, Jerusalem to New York and back, there is plenty of variety for everyone’s tastes.

Sonata in F Major
– Allegro
– Musette
– Giga
J. Parry
Nebula, Blooming S. Kosugi
Maqamat A. Maayani
Hiraeth G. Williams
Impromptu G. Fauré
American Suite
– Reverie
– Dance
– Ballad
– Celebration
N. C. Bochsa
Ffarwel y Telynor J. Thomas
– a la francaise
– a l’espagnole
A. Caplet
Introduction, Cadenza and Rondo E. Parish-Alvars